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Factory Conditions

Fire Safety


We work with third party, SOCAM to ensure our emergency and fire preparedness comply with the law. 
In our plants, each emergency exit is clearly marked with an ‘exit’ signage and swing out in the direction of exit and leads to adequate number of designated emergency assembly points.  Our facilities are equipped with centralised fire alarm system that can be heard by all workers and is visible in noisy areas. A centralised PA system is tested as well in conjunction with the fire alarm system.  We also have sufficient number of call points tested in coordination with fire drills and equipped with emergency back-up power.  Adequate number of appropriate fire extinguishers are also in place.

Regular fire drill at Youngtech

Emergency exit direction

Fire extinguisher and emergency exit signage



Our plants in China and Vietnam adopt reliable and efficient ventilation system that allow air to flow inside to freshen air and clean pollutants.  

Health & Maternity


Youngtech routinely organize outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, swimming and skiing to bond

the employee relationship and improve workers’ health.  

There are also basketball, bicycle and table tennis clubs at the factory.  All employees are welcome to

participate the activities held on weekly basis.   

There is no discrimination against pregnant women at Youngtech.  We provide maternity insurance to married female workers, assist them to lessen their workloads and keep their position until they resume to factory after delivery.

Fair Pay

Youngtech workers are secured the local minimum wage for a regular working week, plus overtime premiums and production bonus.  Workers are entitled to paid annual leaves and paid statutory holiday leaves and receive subsidy in their meal cost.  We do not use any form of monetary fine as disciplinary practices.  
Meanwhile, we also attempt to ensure what we pay to our workers exceed the living wages estimated by Fair Wear Foundation. The estimate is 80% higher than national wage statistics and 150% higher than minimum wage level monthly.  In 2016, the average income of our workers is closed or well above the living wage estimate.

In order to enhance workers’ awareness, the seminar was held to address how their wages are calculated

Our workers are free to contact the FWF local complaint handler in case they needed further info on their received wages or they would like to report any complaint related to working conditions.

Catering & Dormitory

We offer canteen services to workers.  3 meals a day with a good balance in food variety and nutrition.  

We have four 5-storey dormitory buildings for workers and management.  The rental is free and employees only need to pay the electricity and water fee. 



Youngtech offers scholarships for employees to apply for.  The children from grade 7 to 12 are free to submit  academic results and apply for the scholarships every semester.



Our factory is surrounded by wall of fence which is higher than 6 feet.  We also    cooperate with professional security company to protect our assets and customers’ merchandises.  Our security guard is available for 24 hours and 7 days at the entrances of the plant, building and warehouses.  Each key area is monitored by closed circuit television. Every employee is required to enter the facilities via electronic access control system and each visitor is required to register at the main entrance before entering. The security and monitor procedure is also applied to delivery trucks during unloading and loading.  All materials and finished goods are locked in warehouse which is monitored electronically and physically and has limited access.

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